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Daily site reports are compiled by each survey team and reports completed immediately after a survey is completed. Reports are identified by a title, a sequential Y (YCCCART) number and the relevant year e.g. Y1/2011.  In addition the County Archaeologist allocates to every site report a Heritage Environment Record (HER) number and ensures all reports are held in the North Somerset archives. Site Reports Cadbury Hill Fort New Graveyard POW Camp Kenn Moor Gate Wemberham Village Moor General Cadbury Hill Fort Congresbury Kilns Congresbury Church Iwood Village Moor General General General Banwell Broadfield Down Castle Batch Clevedon Gatcombe Kewstoke Kingston Seymour Locking Mendip Tyntesfield Wick St Lawrence Wraxall Wrington Yatton Congresbury Claverham Cleeve Other Sites