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NEWS & EVENTS February 2022 Newsletter is available under Publications. Open newsletter Report on documentary research on the Inclosure of Kenn Moor, Somerset 1810- 1815: Part 3: The allotments. (Part 2 to follow) Open report Report in documentary research into the Inclosure of Kenn Moor, Somerset, 1810- 1815: Part 1: Open report Report on a geophysical survey outside of the orchard at Woodspring Priory. Results possibly indicated a further structure relating to the former garden at the Priory. Open report Two part report on a Banwell excavation in 1954-6 which revealed evidence of Roman occupation, with stone walls and some evidence of flooring. Open Report Y9. Open Report Y9A. Report on geophysical survey north west of Ham farm Yatton which revealed little of archaeological interest. Open Report
Yatton Congresbury Claverham and Cleeve Archaeology Research Team
ALL STEAM AHEAD Three teams are now surveying on a Thursday. If you would you like to join us please send an e-mail to ycccart@gmail.com