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Yatton is a village 11 miles south-west of Bristol, with a population of about 9,000. The parish includes Claverham, originally a farming hamlet. North east of the village is Cadbury Hill, an Iron Age hill fort reoccupied in the post Roman period. Limited excavations on the hill fort were undertaken in 1958 and 1968-73 and a partial earthwork survey made in 2004. YCCCART has carried out surveys on the hill and on the site of a former POW camp at the foot of the hill. St Mary’s church dates from the 14 th century. YCCCART has surveyed an area around the church, nearby Glebeland and at the site of the new village graveyard. Two remote tenements, not far from the River Yeo, may have been rediscovered by YCCCART on low lying ground in the south of the village, which includes archaeological sites, such as Wemberham Roman Villa. Yatton’s history and sites of interest have been well recorded by the Yatton History Society but YCCCART aim to continue to add to their excellent work.
Yatton Sites Summary
Church of St Mary the Virgin in Yatton
Yatton Congresbury Claverham and Cleeve Archaeology Research Team