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Cadbury Hill Fort  North east of the village is Cadbury Hill, an Iron Age hill fort reoccupied in the post Roman period.  Limited excavations on the hill fort were undertaken in 1958 and 1968-73 and an earthwork survey made in 2004.  YCCCART have carried out surveys on the hill and in the area of a former site POW camp under the hill. Romano-British Kiln Sites  The kilns were discovered in the 1960s and several have been excavated.  YCCCART has surveyed numerous fields, revealed previously unknown kiln sites and undertaken a small dig. Area around St Andrews Church  Early buildings, now demolished, are believed to exist around the current church. We may have identified several of these. Iwood  Iwood surveys have revealed possible Roman or early medieval buildings and palaeolithic channels crossed by what could be a bridge. General  The history of Congresbury is ancient as well as diverse and includes folk legends and medieval crosses. Congresbury Site Surveys & Excavations Yatton Congresbury Claverham and Cleeve Archaeology Research Team