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Claverham Site Surveys & Excavations
Claverham Court Farm By the 14 th Century the Court had a Free chapel, (i.e. independent of the Parish Church). The location of the chapel is uncertain, as no ruins are now extant. A search for the lost chapel revealed potential structures close to the court. Duck Decoy at Claverham Court Farm A manual survey was undertaken on the remains of a duck decoy first recorded in 1750. Ox House at Whitegates Common In 2005 YCCCART recorded the ‘Old Ox house’. The buildings were first recorded on a map of 1799, but there are earthworks of earlier buildings around it, and the floor of the whole structure is beautifully constructed from local stones, some of which must weigh at least a ton. Poors Common A brief resistivity survey of an area of a building recorded on the 1821 map of Yatton, revealed evidence of a stone spread in exactly the position depicted.
RM15 Survey at Claverham Court
Yatton Congresbury Claverham and Cleeve Archaeology Research Team