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Four enclosures  YCCCART has identified and recorded enclosures which share a number of similar features, and may potentially have been occupied in the post-Roman period. Goblin Combe Cottage  In 2006 the remains of Thomas Cox’s house, dating from before 1799, was recorded. Bickley 3  This enclosure has similarities to the group of earthwork enclosures on Broadfield Down described in the Four Enclosure Report Y22/2010. Bickley Industrial Site  In 2007/2008 quarries, boundary stones and a World War II slit trench were recorded. TW Stones  Bickley Wood and Kingswood contain marker stones with the initial TW.  Who was TW? Bickley Orchard  In 2006 YCCCART carried out a resistivity survey.  The survey revealed the line of what may be an earlier wood bank, and a number of parallel linear features. Cleeve Site Surveys & Excavations Yatton Congresbury Claverham and Cleeve Archaeology Research Team