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Welcome to YCCCART NEWS & EVENTS Report on gradiometer and resistivity surveys at Banwell. This revealed possible domestic activity close to an area where Roman remains have been found.  Open report Report on gradiometry survey on Congresbury cricket pitch. This identified several service pipes and two high level responses which could indicate potential archaeology.  Open report Report on a gradiometry survey at Iwood, which revealed possible Romano British kilns. Open Report Report on gradiometry and resistivity surveys to the south of Congresbury. Gradiometry survey revealed possible enclosure, trackway and what may be the results of trench digging.  However, resistivity surveys revealed no significant archaeological features.  Open report Report of resistivity survey on St George V playing field, Congresbury which revealed a rectangular high resistance anomaly worthy of future investigation. Open report more> Congresbury Boundary Stone Project Vince Russett is leading a YCCCART project to record and publish details of Congresbury's 31 boundary stones.  The stones date between 1796 and 1805 and their purpose was to define and state the boundaries of the Manor at a time when maps were rare. Perambulations (beating the bounds to ensure Congresbury's boundaries remained intact) was reintroduced in the village, we are told, in 1970. If you have photos of any of the stones, or perambulation, that we could copy please contact Chris Short on 01934 833764 or email YCCCART via the contact page on the website. 1970 Perambulation at Boundary Stone 20 Courtesy of Congresbury History Group