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Welcome to YCCCART NEWS & EVENTS Report on a gradiometry survey in a paddock to the south of Congresbury which has revealed a possible Romano British kiln.  Open Report September 2017 Newsletter now available under publications.  Open Newsletter Report on survey undertaken as part of a presentation to the public attending a community event at the Masonic Hall, Yatton. No evidence was found of any pre-19th century structures.  Open Report Updated report on the Old Stone Crosses of Yatton.  New documentary research has found evidence for building accounts for the cross in 1524-6, a nationally important find.  Open Report Report on a gradiometry survey at Wrington Road, Congresbury which revealed possible evidence for iron smelting or pottery kilns. Other features recorded may indicate occupation, potentially of prehistoric date.  Open Report more> Congresbury History Weekend Programme of events Unearthed an artifact or pottery? Get it identified by an archaeologist Identifying Artifacts