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Welcome to YCCCART NEWS & EVENTS Updated report regarding small carved boundary stones, marked TW, in King's Wood, Cleeve and Congresbury.  Additional stones have been found and it is now believed that the stones were the private boundary stones of Thomas Wickham, vicar of Yatton, in the third decade of the 19th century.  Open Report Reports on Gradiometry surveys at Kenn Moor Road Yatton, which revealed a buried plalaeochannel beneath the latest alluvium in the area, not visible at the surface and probably of Roman or earlier date. A circular magnetic anomaly alongside it could be a Roman or earlier round house.  Open Report Report on a gradiometry survey in a paddock to the south of Congresbury which has revealed a possible Romano British kiln.  Open Report September 2017 Newsletter now available under publications.  Open Newsletter more> YCCCART Survey Area Map below shows about half of the area covered by YCCCART.  The sites surveyed or excavated are indicated by red stars. Details on all the surveys and excavations are available in the published reports.  Go to reports section Click on map to enlarge