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Welcome to YCCCART NEWS & EVENTS Report on gradiometry survey off Moor Road, Yatton which revealed that a segment of the field has intense activity, potentially of Roman date.  Open Report Report on an enclosure near Moor Lane.  Geophysical surveys revealed little or no internal structures, and the enclosure is potentially a medieval stock enclosure, with a possible role in the management of pre-enclosure Kenn Moor.  Open Report June 2017 Newsletter now available under publications.  Open Newsletter Report on gradiometry and resistivity surveys in fields bordering Ham Lane. northwest of Yatton, which revealed a wealth of enigmatic features possibly resulting from a Romano - British industrial site, with potential evidence for temporary enclosure and drainage in the medieval period.  Open Report more> July 1st was a glorious day for Congresbury Fete.  YCCCART had a lot of interest at its stall. YCCCART also has a stall at Yatton Fete on 29 July 2017. Come along and meet us.