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Welcome to YCCCART NEWS & EVENTS Report on gradiometry survey on Congresbury cricket pitch. This identified several service pipes and two high level responses which could indicate potential archaeology.  Open report Report on a gradiometry survey at Iwood, which revealed possible Romano British kilns. Open Report Report on gradiometry and resistivity surveys to the south of Congresbury. Gradiometry survey revealed possible enclosure, trackway and what may be the results of trench digging.  However, resistivity surveys revealed no significant archaeological features.  Open report Report of resistivity survey on St George V playing field, Congresbury which revealed a rectangular high resistance anomaly worthy of future investigation. Open report Updated report on excavation at Iwood which now incorporates preliminary reports on the spur and bones. Open report more> Vince Russett - Retirement as North Somerset County Archaeologist At YCCCART’s recent AGM President Brian Bradbury presented Vince with a small token of YCCCART’s appreciation for all the help and support he has given it over the years. Brian said that YCCCART's successful development was due to Vince.  In reply Vince said that setting up community archaeology groups had been one of his proudest achievements. A long and happy retirement Vince. Brian (left) making presention to Vince