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Welcome to YCCCART NEWS & EVENTS Report on undated enclosure south of the former Piney Sleight Farm, in Cheddar, was surveyed in 1987. It's date and use remain unknown.  Open Report Annual Review of 2018 now available under Publicatiuons/Documents.  Open Review February 2019 Newsletter now available under publications.  Open Newsletter Report on two excavations at Iwood.  A historic farmhouse, south of Iwood Farm depicted on an 1840 map but removed by the time of a 1885 map, coincided with a patch of large stones, some bearing mortar, in the side of re-cut ditch.  In addition, a nearby length of recently re-cut ditch revealed an apparently previously unknown wall.  Open Report Report of a photographic and documentary study on the Congresbury mills. Research has established that the West Mill at Congresbury and Iwood Mill can be traced back to at least 1086.  During the 18th century West Mill was surprisingly a slitting mill where iron bars were turned into rods for nail making.  Open Report more> 2019 SHOULD BE AN EXCITING YEAR FOR YCCCART Projects planned include work on: Roman roads on the Mendips Further investigations into Roman remains in fields to the north of Yatton Further work at Kingston Seymour including the church Looking for a 'lost' ancient house in Banwell And much more. Why not join us.  If interested please contact us.