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Welcome to YCCCART NEWS & EVENTS July 2018 Newsletter now available under publications.  Open Newsletter Report on a documentary and photographic survey of Congresbury bridge. Research has established that there was a bridge at Congresbury earlier than 1551. A new stone bridge was built in 1710, which by 1904 had a raised parapet and steel girders. This was replaced in 1924 by the current bridge.  Open Report Report on a number of minor discoveries and finds that have been made at Woodspring Priory in the 21st century and since the geophysical studies were carried out in 2012.  Open Report Report on the research undertaken regarding the ruins of a windmill on Cleeve Hill, Cleeve.  Conflicting accounts of the origin of the current structure appear unresolvable, other than to say it is probably 18th century in date.  Open Report more> YCCCART stand and an aviator at Congresbury Fete & Flower Show 30 June 2018 Why not meet the team at Yatton Fete on 28 July 2018.