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Welcome to YCCCART NEWS & EVENTS September 2016 Newsletter now available under publications.  Open Newsletter Report on an evaluation excavation at Congresbury Cross, which revealed significant 14th century basement structures.  Open Report Report on a number of small carved, apparently early 19th century boundary stones, in King's Wood, Cleeve and Congresbury. These are believed to be the private boundary stones of Thomas Wickham the vicar of Yatton.  Open Report Report showing the extent of potential Romano-British pottery kilns in Congresbury, established by gradiometry and resistivity surveys.  Open report Report on gradiometer and resistivity surveys at Banwell. This revealed possible domestic activity close to an area where Roman remains have been found.  Open report more> Excavation at Congresbury Village Cross During August 2016, YCCCART carried out an excavation at the foot of the Scheduled medieval village cross, standing at the heart of Congresbury.  This seems to be the first time that a community archaeology group has ever excavated a village cross. The excavation found that the lower part of the bottom step of the Cross has been buried for many years.  Beneath this (and never intended to be seen) is the local stone raft on which the Doulting freestone cross was built (before 1390 AD).  The raft was to prevent it from sinking in the blue clay under the site. Open Report on the excavation. Excavation at Congresbury Cross, showing the lower part of the buried step and basement