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Other Draft FRED Woodspring Report Download Report Gradiometry and Resistivity Survey at Havyatt Download Report Gradiometry Survey at the Cockpit Field, Wraxall Villa Download Report Click thumbnail to enlarge Mary Campbell Alas Mary Campbell has left this world We were sad to see her go But what rich memories we have of her The lady we came to know. Always hospitable on a Thursday morn To those tramping muddy feet Our president and founding member Sitting in her fireside seat. We know she loved to see us And hear what we might have found But she knew not how much we loved her Or how we miss her not being around. So goodbye Mary Campbell You're held dearly in our hearts And will always be remembered By the members of YCCCART. And Mary didn't forget us We were mentioned in her will To enable us to buy new equipment So Mary will walk with us still. Our 'Mobile Altitude Recording Yardstick' Is named so that Mary again Will be out there surveying And her memory will not wane. So here's to you Mary Campbell Wherever you now abide You will still be out in the fields Along with us side by side. MARY CAMPBELL  -  a tribute by Ferdi