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The last couple of years have produced major discoveries including: Remains of the pre-existing buildings below the 15th century Refectory at Congresbury. Evidence of the Romans close to Congresbury church. The existence of many kiln sites at Venus Street. Clear and complex geophysical responses at Cadbury Hill Fort. The completion of an earthwork survey of Cadbury Hill Fort. The continuing recording of the circular enclosures on Broadfield Down. The discovery of significant archaeology adjacent to the motte at Castle Batch, Worle. The finding of the building at Tynte’s Place which may well be the precursor of Tyntesfield itself. The discovery of whole landscapes by geophysics, manual survey, excavation etc at Iwood. Geophysical surveys on old tenement sites on Yatton Moor and around Yatton church. Details for each survey including the available reports are grouped by village. Sites Summary & Excavations